Saturday, October 3, 2009

1 Year Anniversary - October 4th, 2008

October 4th- My one year anniversary and I can't even believe it. As I was preparing to type this I was brainstorming this last year and am shocked at how much Ryan and I have experienced in just the first year of marriage and even more shocked at how fast it went! It is amazing how even with all of the ups and downs, how everyday and through every experience you can continue to fall in love with the same person over and over again. I know that sounds sappy and straight out of a chick flick, but it is true and I love MY husband more and more as each day passes. Here is a quick over view of our FIRST year together...

1. Dating on and off for 5 years2. Living apart while I was in school in IDAHO/UTAH
3. The Engagement
4. Planning a Wedding = CHAOS
5. Buying our first home
6. Our Wedding Day - October 4th, 20087. Our Pup named Chevy-poo8. WHOOPS! I am pregnant - November 16th, 20089. Projects on the house/never finishing them/ TOO many projects :)
10. New Jobs - Union/American Laser
11. Going through both of us being laid off and having TOO much time on our hands
12. New Hobbies
13. Preparing for Baby Girl Emmalee Jean14. July 16th, 2009 - 5 year dating anniversary & Emmalee is here!!!15. Church callings, Ryan back in School and being first time parents!
16. New Jobs - Kadlec/Nouveau
17. Watching our Beautiful Daughter Grow18. Becoming a new little family and our 1 year anniversary =)19. 20.... And So many more memories continuing to come...

I am so grateful to supportive family and friends and examples of good relationships/marriages that our parents, and grand parents have shown us. I remember on my wedding day my Uncle Tom who married us explained it as a legacy and a heritage that we have. It is uncommon to have long lasting, successful marriages these days. In our families we have an abundance of that and because of that I know we are so blessed. I love my husband more than anything and our beautiful daughter. I feel so lucky and as though I truly have it all. I am so excited for this roller coaster of life that Ryan and I have to look forward to. =)

Congratulations to us!!! I love you Ryan <3

Emma and Daddy

Laughing and Happy :)

Here are two new pictures of Emma and Ryan. They are so cute. Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary and I had one of the pictures of them together framed for him and then one made into a wallet so he could always have her with him. I can't believe it is a year already, and we have a daughter! So crazy! We are so blessed and I just love them to pieces. I am the luckiest girl in the World...

Emma and Daddy.

Beautiful Baby Emma.

Amelia in Town

Christine and Amelia.

This last two weeks Ryan and my niece Amelia has been in town. We don't get to see her very much so when she is here it is quite the treat =)

She has become good friends with our other niece Christine from the wedding and other times that she was here. So on Friday we had a play date and had so much fun! We painted toe nails, watched movies, went to McDonald's and ate lunch and played on the toys and then played some more at Nana's house. They are so cute, with their sassy/bossy 4 year old personalities. I hope they had as much fun as I did and continue to want to play together whenever Amelia is here. Here are some pictures of our Day...

Hot pink nails with white flowers.

Playing in the McDonald Play House.

Sliding Down the Slide.

It was a success. They had fun, played hard, fought hard like girls do and passed out when everything was said and done, ha ha. It was great. :)