Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aren't these SwEeT?

Headbands made by Brittany!

Bows I purchased from the Craigslist Lady

So my lovely girlie friend and old roommate Brittany Hawkes sent me the cutest little gift in the mail and I wanted to share pictures with everyone. She sent me two headbands for babies! They are adorable and I love them. When I found out that it was a Girl, I bought some bows and things for her. Now that I know that people make them, I think I am going to attempt to make some of my own! With the whole crocheting thing down I am either feeling VERY confident or just plain crafty. I have no clue. But... I have two nieces and my sister found out that she is having her first baby girl, so I guess that with all the girls we will NOW have in our family... I best be getting to work!

Enjoy! I wish I could take the credit for these because they are SO Precious!

Thank you Brittany and Craigslist Lady For your creativity!

Say GOODBYE To The Dress :(

SO I have decided to Sale my Wedding Dress...

My Reasoning:

~It is so expensive to properly store it so it doesn't turn YELLOW
~It will be outdated when my future daughter gets married
~She will MOST likely have a different body type then me
~She will probably want her OWN dress like I did
~I can't find a GOOD ENOUGH reason to keep it stored in a bag
~Someone might love it just as much as I DID

So I have placed it on in hopes that it might catch someones attention. It took me a while to reach the point where I thought I could part without it. I have dabbled over the idea for a while now and even though I never take it out of the bag, look at it, and could in no way fit into it now, it seems as though it has grown apart of me. It was my dress... for my special day. But... Like they all say... It is just a dress...

The Belly

Here I am sitting down holding what looks like a basketball :)

Stand up Side view.

Sitting Down.

I think this is the most dreaded of all part of pregnancy... Everyone that doesn't live near or around you wants to see pictures of THE BELLY! It isn't that I don't LOVE the belly and what is growing inside of the belly, but I don't necessarily want to show it off to everyone. As excited and beautiful as pregnancy is, it is a big change in appearance and BODY. Well, I guess that I have given in. TARA, one of my closest girlfriends and old room mate has requested some pictures and I have promised her that I would. I told her it would be done by this weekend, although that did not happen. My apologies! Although, it is going to happen today. I finally got some decent maternity clothes and therefore feel somewhat CUTE enough to get the task done. They are summer ready, even though for some reason the weather here is freezing! So here goes... These are the most recent pictures of the BELLY. And... Again, I have yet to post pictures of the ultrasounds, but I really want too. I want every ones opinion on whether this is really a GIRL or not because our pictures weren't that great for starters, and she wouldn't spread her legs!!! Anywho... Happy Belly Growing to Me!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am back!!!

The garden.

My Herbs!

Beanie I did for one of my Nieces. I just have to finish the flower.

Crocheted baby girl head band

Well, I guess you are all wondering what the heck happened to me?!? Unfortunately, I had to delete my old email account. I didn't realize that this would affect my blog and delete it as well. Long story short, I have a new blog and we are back in business! The only down fall is I have lost everything on the old blog and all of you have to remember a new address. So, to make it easy, it is Anywho, I guess I will give you all an update on Ryan and I and the baby cooking away!

Ryan went back to work about 3 weeks ago! Woohoo!!! Thank goodness! He is working in Boardmen, Oregon, which is about an hour commute there and back. His days are long, especially days that he has school after work, but he is happy to be working again. He leaves at about 4:45am which is quite early and means I am up making his lunch! This time around I have tried really hard to make his lunches fun and exciting instead of the same old every day sandwich. We have done the ultimate Turkey Sandwiches with pepper jack cheese and romaine lettuce, Egg salad sandwiches, Bagel sandwiches, Leftover pulled pork sandwiches, White chicken chili, Homemade potato salad and I am working on some fun Summer salads and salsas along with new sandwiches to make his meals tasty and unique. One morning I was joking with him while making his lunch and told him I wanted to be the "Brown Bag Lady". I am obsessed with food network cooking shows and I told him Paula Deen was my inspiration. I was going to be the "Brown Bag Lady" for the Union workers and get paid to make their lunches. I don't think he thought this was as funny as I did, but I know the other men comment on his lunches... I think I could get some extra cash for this!!! He didn't seem to think so...

As for me, I have been so busy "nesting" as you would say. Ryan and I were lucky enough to receive a very nice tax credit when we purchased our home. I am hoping we will be able to use that for new flooring, furniture and finishing the baby room before the baby comes. That doesn't give us much time! In order to prepare for new changes, I have been cleaning like crazy and De-cluttering! In my family room at this moment I have about 10 garbage bags full of goodwill junk! I went nuts! Needless to say the cleaning is done and I am just waiting, wishing and hoping for that new flooring of mine :) Also, given that it is gardening season and I am a veggie lover as well as a cook, my Mother and I took on the task of creating our own Square-Foot Gardens. I am really excited to see how this has turned out. We went to an Enrichment activity which was a seminar on Square-Foot gardening. We took the class, became motivated and with the help of my Father we accomplished the boxes and planted our vegetables and fruits. This is my first garden so I am hoping for the best. I planted Roma tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, Big juicy Bush tomatoes, Sugar snap peas, two strawberry plants, two raspberry plants, one blackberry plant, cucumbers, Walla Walla sweet onions, and a HUGE assortment of peppers (Red peppers, green peppers, jalapenos, chili peppers, Serrano peppers and more)!!! I also learned how to do herbs from my Mother-in-law so you can bet that my Mother and I planted our own fresh herbs as well... We did parsley, oregano, rosemary, cilantro, basil and chives and we have used some of them already and they are delicious! Also, I have become obsessed with crocheting! Who would have thought? Ryan found this hilarious and spent a whole afternoon taking pictures of his young bride crocheting, something he thinks that only 80 year old women do. I learned how to do beanies of all sizes, scarfs, and headbands! They are super cute and thanks to Bess one of my girlie friends who taught me how...

As for the baby, we are healthy, fat and happy! I have been feeling great the second trimester and the beginning of the third. Other than a few minor aches and pains I am happy and we are doing good! Right before my blog was deleted we found out that it is "most likely" a girl. It was hard to get clear views of her, she seems to move a lot! Don't you love that? "We aren't for sure" or "We think"... How are you supposed to prepare a baby room with that? I am hoping for a better ultrasound with a better view to give me a for sure answer! But as for now... It is a girl. We haven't agreed on names yet, but so far I think she will be an Abigayle. I have been meaning to scan in the ultrasound photos and still have yet to do that, but above I have posted pictures of my garden, herbs, the crocheting madness!!! I hope you are all doing well and I am glad to be back to hear all about you guys! Love and miss you all!