Sunday, December 27, 2009

Emma's First Christmas 2009

The Entire Family Together.

Christmas 2009 was quite the treat. Ryan's family had everyone here to attend, which hasn't happened in quite a while! We played games, ate great food, watched movies and enjoyed each others company. My parents house was extremely mellow and laid back. We had a big Thanksgiving to make up for our short, but sweet Christmas afternoon of eating when and as you liked, TV and napping. I don't even think we took pictures which was kind of a bummer. I will have to check my Mom's camera to make sure. I am thinking we were all exhausted from our Christmas movie making this year. (For those who haven't checked out or seen what I am talking about you can visit for some quality entertainment.) For Emma, she made out like a bandit! Santa treated her well this Christmas! Although, Santa can't wait for next year when she will understand and be more excited! =)

Here are some pictures of the Ihnen's Christ
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Love you all!

Baby Clause and Mrs. Clause Ihnen.

Grandma and Grandpa Ihnen with Amelia and Emma
in their Christmas dresses

Merry Christmas 2009

Grandma and Grand babies in their Christmas PJ's
given to them by the Grandparents.

Emma and Amelia. Christmas Bunnies =)

My next post will be new pictures!!! We are getting our pictures taken for the first time as a family this Thursday and I am so excited! Although Ryan's hair is shabby, it is his typical winter hairdo and it wouldn't be a "true" picture without it, haha. Once I have the pictures I will make sure to share them with you! Again, we hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Holidays!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Been Too Long...

Precious Day. Precious Angel Baby...

I don't even know where to start. It has been so long since I have updated I just can't stand it.

Let's see...

In October my Dad gave Emma her blessing and it was truly beautiful. He did a wonderful job. It was an emotional day for me, but truly special for my Dad to be able to do that for my daughter and I know she will be blessed. So, thank you Dad, I Love you...

Emma in her blessing dress. This was my dress when I was a baby and was made by my Grandma Moon.

Pumpkin girl for Halloween. My Mom made her Halloween bow. Uncle Nick is holding her.

Emma is growing beautifully. She is full of so much personality already. She sleeps through the night, smiles, plays, laughs, talks and coos up a storm. She is so chubby! We call her out little Michelin women. At her 4 month appointment she weighed in at 15 pounds! She is holding her toys, enjoying her new jumper (early x-mas present) and just about rolling over. This is the best stages I think.

This picture is special. Ryan had a brown velour outfit when he was a baby. It will be cute to put the pictures together of them wearing their outfits and in the same pose.

The Little Michelin Women. Ha ha.

Emma and her bouncer at Grandma and Grandpa Ihnen's. She was so happy they got her this toy as you can tell. :)

Emma with Grandpa Ihnen and his tractor before he sold it. She is wearing her John Deere onesie.

The last couple of weeks have been kind of tough. Ry
an was laid off early, I went back to working almost full time and now with the Holidays in swing it is just crazy! I am not sure how much more Ryan and I can experience... It seems we hit every good and bad wind in just our first year of marriage, but I am always surprised and something new always happens. All in all, we are so blessed and still both think we have it all - A roof over our heads, a best friend and the most precious baby in the world. Love is spoken here no matter the mood or circumstance :)

During Thanksgiving my brother Josh and his wife Sarah
and their two kids came from Florida. We have so much fun visiting with them, eating TOO much good food and playing games. We miss them because we hardly get to see them, so it was a special treat to see them for Turkey Day. My Aunt Terri and Uncle Tom and their kids came too and that was great as well.

Brody and my Brother Josh Hanging out.

Crazy kids playing at Nana and Papa's House.

Braden passed out from all the chaos.

Up above is recent pictures of Emma, Halloween,Thanksgiving, and the newest addition. Ryan has been wanting a second puppy. I haven't decided yet where I stand on this subject, but knew it would happen either way when you marry a hunter and dog lover. Our puppy Chevy has been so sad since we replaced her with Emma, ha ha. She cried and moped around our house for a couple weeks. The other day we took in two stray labs. We are only keeping one and will be finding a home for the other. So far this has been a lot easier then the first time. Ryan does most of the work and there has been very few accidents because they seem to follow Chevy, which is great. There is a chocolate one and a black one. We know for sure they are from the same litter, abandoned and possibly abused. So hopefully we can love them back to good health :)

Whatever puppy we keep will be named Gunner. So cute...

Some things that we have to look forward too are Christmas! Ryan's sister Jessica and our niece Amelia will be coming for two whole weeks! This will be great since we know that Jessie will most likely be deployed to Afghanistan soon. It will be fun to spend the Holidays with more family. I love Christmas, what it means and the feeling you have when you are surrounded with family and the ones you love. Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas is Coming Soon :)

This year for Christmas my family has decided to give the gift of laughter instead of presents. This was my Sister Jenni's idea in Arizona. It will be a new family tradition that we will post videos from each family every Christmas on Youtube and win prizes for the most voted and best video. Each year will be a different theme and each year our parents do not get to choose what their video will be. It will be voted upon. I am sharing this with you because it is so funny, and because we need your votes. Below is the email that my sister sent me that explains the rules and regulations for our family. She has created a website that you can follow everything, view the videos as well as vote. The deadline is December 23rd! Vote for our video!!! Enjoy the laughter :)

Email from Jenni:

First Annual

3 Squares Film Festival

“Because three is enough, if not, flush and begin again.”

This year marks the Rew Family’s first annual film festival. Instead of giving Christmas gifts to siblings each family is responsible to produce one film posted to YouTube due by December 23rd.

Theme for 2009: Music Video

Each family (with exception to Janna & Howard) will produce a music video to any song they choose.

Janna & Howard’s music selection will be chosen by popular vote.

Film Rules:

Every family member must be on film.

At the beginning of each film each family must introduce themselves. Please include the year and the names and ages of each family member.

There is no time limit. If it is too short, we will call you lazy behind your back. If it is too long, Dad will grow weary of pretending its funny.

We will post the videos to YouTube and compete with each other to see who gets the most viewings and the best ratings.

The point is to be funny. Our gift to each other this year will be to have fun together.

Typical Wines:

“I don’t have a video camera”

You can borrow one from friends or use your digital camera to create a slide show.

If you live in Richland you can borrow Mom & Dad’s when you are there every day eating their food.

“We don’t have time”

You can use family home evening night to create these videos. This project replaces having to give a Rew sibling Christmas gift to any one this year. By producing this video you are saving money and shopping time. Unless of course you forgot to ever send your Christmas gift last year and then, yes, this will take more of your time than usual.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1 Year Anniversary - October 4th, 2008

October 4th- My one year anniversary and I can't even believe it. As I was preparing to type this I was brainstorming this last year and am shocked at how much Ryan and I have experienced in just the first year of marriage and even more shocked at how fast it went! It is amazing how even with all of the ups and downs, how everyday and through every experience you can continue to fall in love with the same person over and over again. I know that sounds sappy and straight out of a chick flick, but it is true and I love MY husband more and more as each day passes. Here is a quick over view of our FIRST year together...

1. Dating on and off for 5 years2. Living apart while I was in school in IDAHO/UTAH
3. The Engagement
4. Planning a Wedding = CHAOS
5. Buying our first home
6. Our Wedding Day - October 4th, 20087. Our Pup named Chevy-poo8. WHOOPS! I am pregnant - November 16th, 20089. Projects on the house/never finishing them/ TOO many projects :)
10. New Jobs - Union/American Laser
11. Going through both of us being laid off and having TOO much time on our hands
12. New Hobbies
13. Preparing for Baby Girl Emmalee Jean14. July 16th, 2009 - 5 year dating anniversary & Emmalee is here!!!15. Church callings, Ryan back in School and being first time parents!
16. New Jobs - Kadlec/Nouveau
17. Watching our Beautiful Daughter Grow18. Becoming a new little family and our 1 year anniversary =)19. 20.... And So many more memories continuing to come...

I am so grateful to supportive family and friends and examples of good relationships/marriages that our parents, and grand parents have shown us. I remember on my wedding day my Uncle Tom who married us explained it as a legacy and a heritage that we have. It is uncommon to have long lasting, successful marriages these days. In our families we have an abundance of that and because of that I know we are so blessed. I love my husband more than anything and our beautiful daughter. I feel so lucky and as though I truly have it all. I am so excited for this roller coaster of life that Ryan and I have to look forward to. =)

Congratulations to us!!! I love you Ryan <3

Emma and Daddy

Laughing and Happy :)

Here are two new pictures of Emma and Ryan. They are so cute. Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary and I had one of the pictures of them together framed for him and then one made into a wallet so he could always have her with him. I can't believe it is a year already, and we have a daughter! So crazy! We are so blessed and I just love them to pieces. I am the luckiest girl in the World...

Emma and Daddy.

Beautiful Baby Emma.

Amelia in Town

Christine and Amelia.

This last two weeks Ryan and my niece Amelia has been in town. We don't get to see her very much so when she is here it is quite the treat =)

She has become good friends with our other niece Christine from the wedding and other times that she was here. So on Friday we had a play date and had so much fun! We painted toe nails, watched movies, went to McDonald's and ate lunch and played on the toys and then played some more at Nana's house. They are so cute, with their sassy/bossy 4 year old personalities. I hope they had as much fun as I did and continue to want to play together whenever Amelia is here. Here are some pictures of our Day...

Hot pink nails with white flowers.

Playing in the McDonald Play House.

Sliding Down the Slide.

It was a success. They had fun, played hard, fought hard like girls do and passed out when everything was said and done, ha ha. It was great. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Spa

Work has been going great. At first I didn't think I would pick up clients too quickly, but they seem to keep me busy and I am glad. It was extremely nerve racking in the beginning. It has been a while since I have been in the Spa atmosphere and I am more used to the medical environment, but I am so grateful for a good job, great coworkers and the opportunity to do what I love. And... I was amazed at how everything comes back so quickly! I had a training day on Tuesday and I was able to get a Vitamin C peel and Microdermabrasian to feel the product that they use and the machine. It was awesome! In school they never let us combine the two, but when they are put together it is such a powerful and awesome treatment. My skin needed that after having a baby and I feel great. The stress from a new job didn't help my skin either, so hopefully it clears up great.

Leaving Emma is still hard, but I am so lucky to have my Mom and Mother-in-law Kim to watch her. They are so good to me and Emma does great with them, sometimes even better than when she is with me, ha ha. I miss her when I am at work, but I know she is in good hands and I am so grateful for the help. Thank you!

Hopefully as time goes on and I become a regular I will pick up more clients. The Holidays are coming so I hope to be plenty busy!!! If you are bored, come visit me at Nouveau. =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Here we come Halloween :)

I have been working on a few beanies for baby gifts whenever I can manage to find the time. Here is my latest. It is a pumpkin if you can't tell and there is a brown stem on the top if you can't see it that well on your computer. I think it is one of the cutest yet, and I just can't resist taking pictures when it turns out this cute, and the cUtEsT bAbY in the world just makes it that much better. =)

I love FALL, the colors, the leaves falling off of trees, warm and delicious soups, comfy clothes and the many layers of sweatshirts/scarfs/beanies, cloudy cold days where you can cuddle up to your loved ones. It is the best, brings happiness to my heart <3 and I can't wait for the Holidays and what is to come this fall. Although if I say so myself... I love October the best because coming soon is my 1 year anniversary. =)

Pretty PUMPKIN Girl

Now for my newest project - Crocheting Christmas Stockings - Oh the possibilities...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ryan's new TOY

Ryan recently traded his Jeep Wrangler for a Suzuki Samuri. The Samuri was ready to go wheeling and is a vehicle he has always wanted. If any of you know my husband you know he is a car addict. I figure that I have to get excited with him so it doesn't drive me anymore nuts than it already does. Oh how I love him... :)

Camo seems so perfect being the Hunter that he is, ha ha.

Rub a Dub Dub!

Emma Loves Bath Time. Although, it is a lot of work for Mommy and Daddy cleaning in between all of those rolls...

Loving it!

Wow! Check out all those rolls!!!

Sunday and New Pictures

On Sunday it was Stake Conference or "Regional" and since it was the same everywhere, Emma and I went to church with Nana and Papa. All of her newborn dresses she only got to wear once... So sad because some of them were so cute! This dress was given to me by my sister and I love it, especially since at the moment it is the only one that fits and will fit for maybe a couple more Sundays, ha ha. Here we are leaving to church, happy as can be.

Emma is so chunky. It is hysterical. She outweighed a 4 1/2 month old baby on Sunday and she is only 2 months! What a Chowhound...

Here is some other pictures that I took of Ry and
Emma after she was burped. I love these photos because of her chubby cheeks and lips. They are so funny. So FULL. Ha ha...

So precious. Her hair is finally starting to come back in. Although now we have a bald spot in the back. You just can't win, ha ha.

Sleepy Chubby Bunny :)

Last, but not least here is Chevy. She is a year now and still small to me. But everyone that comes over and sees her thinks she is so big! She was my first baby and loves Emma. She is still a little stinker though... :)

It is a miracle I got this picture of her. The moment you point the camera in her direction she usually looks the other way... Too smart for her own good.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life Update :)

Sleepy baby in her bouncer

So much has happened the last couple of weeks and I have been too busy to update. Emmalee is growing beautifully. She is getting so big so fast and I can hardly believe it! Em has started making cooing noises and she seems to have a lot more to say. She is more alert each day and getting quite the personality. I love watching her grow and it is amazing the changes that she has made. She looks more and more different all the time to me. Still mostly like her Daddy, but I think that could change. :)

Ryan is still busy working and being the great supporter of our family. He is still loving his hobbies. He is in the process of possibly trading his Jeep Wrangler for a Samuri, which is a wheeling rig. Basically the one of his dreams. He seems to get new cars as often as eats. I figure at this point if he works for them and sales one thing for another I can't complain and this hobby makes him happy :) He is also looking forward to hunting season this fall, but with school starting at the end of September and lasting until December he may not get to do much of that.

As for me, I seem to keep busy being a Mommy (which I love), cleaning and keeping up with the house and the latest... My new job!!! Out of the blue I was called by Nouveau Skin Care and Day Spa. I had applied to them when I first moved home a year ago after I graduated. I hadn't heard anything and basically gave up on working there. I was so excited to get the call and it is for the perfect amount of hours. I will be part-time and will be able to train with Esthetician's that have done this for 30+ years. I will have the opportunity to train/learn from them and their experience as well as expertise. I am excited to learn new things that I didn't know in school, and to continue in the profession that I love. This is the ultimate job for me to be able to work in the largest and best Spa that we have in little old Tri-Cities. The Spa offers so many new treatments that I haven't been able to do before, let alone try myself. I am grateful to contribute to our family and continue in the skin care business. :)

You can check out the Spa at

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ain't she Pretty?

Today I had a Doctor appointment and since I had to run errands I thought I would dress Emma up cute. I seem to only really dress her when we leave the house. At home we are comfy in our PJ'S or Emma's diaper. This outfit we got from our friend Jenna at our baby shower and it is super cute. It finally fits Emma and she looked adorable. Everybody loved her at the Dr.'s office.

Even with the spit up it is still cute. :)

Such a pretty girl. I love her so much.

I am a Couponer :)

Today was my first day using coupons. I have been getting a lot of advice from my sister-in-laws and sister. As well as doing research from different blogs and forums all about coupons that they gave me. At first it seemed super overwhelming, but I think I am getting the hang of it and these blogs are fabulous! I think I am addicted now. My goal from all of this is to have a pretty good food storage, house hold items on hand, cleaning supplies, you name it I hope to have it. With Ryan having the possibility of frequents lay offs I want to have everything on hand and never feel bad when we have to buy something because hopefully we will have it on hand and at a great price!

I decided to start today with just one store. I went to Albertson's. I checked the blogs before I left which told me all the deals, I cut out the coupons from the Sunday paper that I wanted and away I went. As I was filling up my cart I felt rather silly. It was piled high!!! Today's goal was to get things for Ryan's lunches like soda, chips, snack pack puddings, gatorad
e, cookies, and cereal for the morning. I made a haul! I basically massacred Albertson's. My total purchase was around $210.00. With my coupons I only spent $90.00 of that. That seems like a lot for having coupons right? But... I also got a $10.00 off my next purchase. I think the more that I do this, the more that I will save because I will already have things on hand.

The first thing I did when I got home was subscribed to the Sunday newspaper, placed all the items I got on the bar, and waited for my husband to get home. I was so excited and giddy like a little girl! And he w
as excited about our savings too.

Here is proof of my purchase :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chevy Loves her Baby and I Love mine...

The other day I took a shower and placed Em on a blanket in the middle of the bed. I had just fed her and she was kicking, cooing and having the time of her life. When I shower or basically do anything Chevy always follows me around or is somewhere that I can see her. Usually she lays on the floor in front of the shower, but this day was different. When I got out of the shower I walked out to this...

Chevy seems to no longer be jealous. Chevy loves her baby. <3

Waking up to my two babies = Heaven.