Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas is Coming Soon :)

This year for Christmas my family has decided to give the gift of laughter instead of presents. This was my Sister Jenni's idea in Arizona. It will be a new family tradition that we will post videos from each family every Christmas on Youtube and win prizes for the most voted and best video. Each year will be a different theme and each year our parents do not get to choose what their video will be. It will be voted upon. I am sharing this with you because it is so funny, and because we need your votes. Below is the email that my sister sent me that explains the rules and regulations for our family. She has created a website that you can follow everything, view the videos as well as vote. The deadline is December 23rd! Vote for our video!!! Enjoy the laughter :)

Email from Jenni:

First Annual

3 Squares Film Festival

“Because three is enough, if not, flush and begin again.”

This year marks the Rew Family’s first annual film festival. Instead of giving Christmas gifts to siblings each family is responsible to produce one film posted to YouTube due by December 23rd.

Theme for 2009: Music Video

Each family (with exception to Janna & Howard) will produce a music video to any song they choose.

Janna & Howard’s music selection will be chosen by popular vote.

Film Rules:

Every family member must be on film.

At the beginning of each film each family must introduce themselves. Please include the year and the names and ages of each family member.

There is no time limit. If it is too short, we will call you lazy behind your back. If it is too long, Dad will grow weary of pretending its funny.

We will post the videos to YouTube and compete with each other to see who gets the most viewings and the best ratings.

The point is to be funny. Our gift to each other this year will be to have fun together.

Typical Wines:

“I don’t have a video camera”

You can borrow one from friends or use your digital camera to create a slide show.

If you live in Richland you can borrow Mom & Dad’s when you are there every day eating their food.

“We don’t have time”

You can use family home evening night to create these videos. This project replaces having to give a Rew sibling Christmas gift to any one this year. By producing this video you are saving money and shopping time. Unless of course you forgot to ever send your Christmas gift last year and then, yes, this will take more of your time than usual.