Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Feet...

I don't know why... But, I think they are SO cute..

It's hard work being So Dang Cute...

Who knows how they make it through each day...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wide Awake Photo Op - This is Rare


Just making faces and playing!

Okay Mom... This is getting old. I am not looking!

Maybe if I hit her she will stop...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The C-Section...

She sleeps like her Daddy... Mouth open :)

I have figured that by now people are wondering... What happened? Why a C-Section? I am still trying to grasp everything that happened myself, as it was SO fast. I wasn't given much time to think and when it comes to these things, you don't get much of a choice either. So... Here is the story.

Thursday morning I went to my appointment to do the usual check up and see how everything was going. I was 39 weeks along, having on and off contractions for about a month and already 2cm dilated. I arrived and the nurse decided while I waited for the Doctor to do a stress test. She hooked me up to the baby monitor, waited a couple of minutes and then excused herself from the room. I thought that was weird, but knew something was wrong when they Doctor came running in. At this point I was nervous, especially since before I left for my appointment I had already decided that I wasn't having her anytime soon because I wanted her out so bad. So nothing was ready... my house, all of my bags were at home, and I wasn't ready. My baby shower was supposed to be that night, my doctor was out of town and family was going to be here - I didn't have time to have a baby, ha ha. The Doctor did some checking, assured me to stay calm, and then used his cell phone to call the Hospital right next to his office to let them know to prepare for an Emergency C-Section...

I broke down. He let me know that Emma was okay, but her heart rate was dangerously low, changing between 39-80 and that he didn't want to take any chances. He helped me into a wheel chair and started running for the Hospital. At this point, I had no time to call my Husband, my Mom, Ryan's Mom... ANYONE!!! I was sobbing on my wheel chair ride to the hospital, terrified for my baby, me and even more terrified that I was alone. The Doctor was great. I knew he was really scared for Emma and I could tell by his actions, but as we rushed over he kept reassuring me it was okay and saying "You are having a baby today!!! How exciting!!!" When we got to the birthing unit they took me to my room and checked the heart rate one more time. At this point it was stable and things looked like maybe they would turn up. He went over some things with me and decided that maybe we could wait an hour and see how things go. I called Ryan and told him to come to the hospital and called my Mom and Ryan's Mom. I was still panicked at this point. I feared the worst because her heart rate had been low for the last month, as well as my amniotic fluid. After an hour went by, the Doctor came in to let Ryan and I know that we would start inducing labor because things were looking great. I was so relieved!

Two hours into the pitocin and I was feeling contractions!!! Before we started inducing I was 70% effaced and even more dilated! When they started to get a minute apart I called the Nurse in pain for an epidural and asked Ryan to go to the car and get my bags. Within the 5 minutes that Ryan was gone, Emma's heart rate decreased dangerously again! How could this happen? I was terrified again. The nurse came in and did a catheter as quickly as she could, the Doctor came in and said that they would be ready in 5 minutes and to sign some piece of paper and my poor Husband came in with bags and was thrown a gown and told to say goodbye as they wheeled me off to the OR. Ryan did as he was told, leaned to me and cried and said he loved me and then asked me... "What are we naming this baby?" Ha ha... I started crying even more... I was so scared, in pain and just blurted out the name that I wanted. Without hesitation he said he loved it and kissed me goodbye. I have the best husband. :)

After preparing for the C-Section, they allowed Ryan in and he watched everything! I was amazed. The only thing that came out of his mouth about the whole experience was it was violent, tears, and I am so glad you are okay, ha ha. Our precious Baby came out in about 3 minutes and was doing okay.

The most frustrating part about the C-Section was we thought we would have some answers after she was born. We assumed that the cord must be wrapped around her neck, but it wasn't and I still don't know what went wrong. But... I do know one thing. Emma needed to come out quickly and quickly she came. Although, we had some minor problems with her health afterwards, she is healthy now and happy and eating like a pig!

Today we had her check up and the Nurse kept saying how she couldn't find anything wrong with this baby. I know why... That is because she is perfect. :) I have come to realize three things. While I was pregnant I would have told you that I couldn't have a C-Section and that it wasn't going to happen. It just didn't seem like the way to have a baby to me, and it still doesn't. But... I have decided that it doesn't matter how your baby comes, just that when they do they are healthy and so are you. All of the things that I thought were so important and mattered have flown out the window and it is amazing how your priorities and ideas of what is important change. I know that I am so blessed to have this child in my arms every second and to feel as good as I do after surgery. Heavenly Father was thinking of Emma and I through everything, and I know he blessed us with alert Doctors that were aware and ready to take action. I am so grateful to him and for this special gift. I have never felt so much love towards anyone and like I said earlier... I would have 10 C-Sections just to have her here.

Well... That is the story. We are doing great. I surprise myself all the time at what I have been able to do! I love my Emma!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Are Home :)

Emma and I were able to come home Monday. We are so grateful to the wonderful medical staff, our many Doctors and Nurses. We had an outstanding experience given the circumstances and were treated with the best of care. Even though it was great, we are SO grateful to be home, in our own beds, and able to take care of ourselves. Emma is doing awesome! She is quite the little piggy and will be chunky huge in no time! I am doing good as well. It is slow going for me. I don't expect to really be moving around anytime soon, but I am doing as much as I can and feeling alive, ha ha. Thank you to everyone for dinners, prayers, thoughts, gifts and more. We are so blessed and so grateful. Here are some new pictures of Emma. The picture with the big flower is how we came home from the hospital and the other one is her all dressed up cute in the house... She is a Doll. :)

Emma posing cute for the Nurse to take a picture for the Hospital website before we were released to leave. You can check it out at Click on Baby browser to the left and either search her name or birth date which was July 16th.

Emma posing pretty for Mommy.

Close up of Emma.

I have to say, that even after how everything went, she is so precious. I feel so much love towards her and would have went through 10 c-sections just to have her here. I am so grateful for this little piece of heaven and am so happy to be home, to be able to love her and hug and have her as my own. Mommy loves you Emma. You are the best thing (besides Ryan Daddy) that has ever happened to her.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update on Baby Emma

Although Emma has been latching on and sucking great on her own, Mommies milk has not come in yet. :( Her Blood sugar is starting to get better, but her temperature is fluctuating. To be on the safe side Emma will be staying 48 hours to test for infection. I will most likely be sent home today. :(

These last couple days have been the start to a major roller coaster ride. We are so blessed and realize that even with a crazy turn of events we have a healthy baby for the most par
t and healthy Mommy. We wish things happened differently, but all is well. We can't wait for Emma to be doing good on her own and to be together, at home as a family. Thanks again to everyone's prayers, comments and concerns. Ryan and I know we are so lucky to have such great friends, family and a wonderful supportive system to help us through anything.

Baby Emma with her IVS and hooked to just about everything in the Nursery.

Baby Emma in the Nursery getting the best of care. Safe and Sound.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Emmalee Jean Ihnen

Please welcome
Emmalee Jean Ihnen

Born 7/16/09 at 2:47pm
Weight 6 Ibs. 4 oz.

Length 18.5 inches long

Although Emma gave us a scare with a decreasing heart rate. She came fast and easy through an emergency c-section. We are healthy, happy, and feeling hopeful that we will recover fully and soon. :) Thank you to everyone's prayers, thoughts, gifts and love.

First Moments into this World.

Proud Daddy.

Exhausted Mommy from a long traumatic day.

Happy family :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

9 Days and Counting...

I have 9 days left until my due date. I am more uncomfortable as each day continues, but still happy to be able waddle around as much as I can. The on and off contractions are such a tease and I have decided that I am over it. I think it would be way better to experience the pain of contractions, have the baby and be done. Although, eventually I will find out for sure and let you all know :) If she comes, great... If not, well I guess I will just get used to being this way, ha ha just kidding. Good news is that I will most likely be able to be at my Baby shower which I am excited for! :)

I find out tomorrow if I will be induced, although I have a feeling that is a not going to happen... So, Happy Baby Shower to me and hopefully I don't have this baby this weekend... We have family in town and my Doctor is still gone...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On a Side Note...

This morning I was looking through pictures of my nieces and nephews and decided that Ryan and I have some serious COMPETITION. Not only has my Mom warned him that this baby better come out with hair... (Ryan had a head full of hair when he was born, whereas the Rew kids are toeheads) but our family has been very blessed with the cutest of kids. Talk about pressure - Maybe this is why this baby doesn't want to come! I don't blame her :)
If you don't believe m
e, take a look!

These two Babes are Olivia and Brody. They are my Brother Josh and his wife Sarah's kids. They are SO cute, full of so much personality and I swear there is nothing cuter than a smiley boy with a head full of hair :)

These three babes are my Brother Brad's kids and his wife Thera. Their names are Braden, Bradley and Christine. They are ALL adorable (notice the blonde hair pattern in all of these kids, including my other Brothers) I get the joy of seeing these kids often because they live near me and I am so grateful for that... Although, I am wishing and hoping the others will move closer too :)

This is my sister Jen and her husband Chad and their kids. She is expecting her first girl this August, but these are her strapping young boys. They are all blondies as well. If I had single pictures of each boy I would post them all because they are just as deserving and just as cute!!! Their names are Mason, Tanner, Jacob, Sami, and David. Each one has a different personality, so sweet, and fun to be around. During my wedding when all of the kids were here it was so fun to see them interact and play. I can't wait for family reunions :)

And this darling Babe, (for once I am not talking about my husband) is Amelia. This is Ryan's sister Jessica's daughter and our God Child. We don't get to see Amelia very often, but when we do we are so happy to have her around. She has become really good friends with my niece Christine, who is in desperate need of girlfriends as she would tell you because her life is surrounded by boys.

So... as you can see we have quite the abundance of hotties in our family. I have decided that if Ryan and I get a baby with hair we will have won no matter what... (Just kidding) Either way, it doesn't matter. I guess the point is my family is very blessed, but I think because of this my child will not leave the womb. She is terrified, and I can see why :)

Day 10...

As anxious as I am it is wierd to think that I have only ten days left, maybe even less. Today I have decided to focus on other things, instead of the contractions and being so uncomfortable. I had this thought in my head that if I didn't clean my house she would come because that would not only frustrate me, but people would see my messy house. That plan didn't work. Today, no matter how uncomfortable I get, I am going to clean, watch a chick flick, maybe enjoy some crochet and act as though I don't know anything might be happening. We will see what happens... :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on Day 11...

Apparently what I thought was a UTI infection is actually my water leaking, but it has not broken. They checked my PH levels and fluid level in my amniotic sac and it appears to be low. My Doctor said that if it gets lower I will have to induce. I will know on Thursday. I was thinking to myself, "Oh darn". As exciting as it is, it is by far the worst timing... Which is why I must assume that it will happen that way because that is just my luck! Between my Baby shower, Ryan's sister and brother coming into town Thursday and my ACTUAL Doctor being out of town I am thinking it will happen. But, with my water leaking I am hoping in the next couple days I can go into labor myself. SO... all in all it is better news than a UTI. I am grateful to be feeling okay, the baby is healthy and doing great and I couldn't be happier. :) Now I am off to taking a nap and playing this waiting game :)

Day 11...

Unfortunately there is no good news today :( I was up all night with Braxton hicks and a wonderful UTI infection. I think Ryan is about as done as me because we didn't get much sleep ha ha. We are ready for these all nighters with the baby since we don't sleep anyways. Our other baby, Chevy, was terrified of the thunder and lightning and that kept us up as well. With a UTI, no sleep, and braxton hicks I am still hopeful that something will happen soon. I say "Bring it on Baby" ... Your Mommy is tough. I may whine, want you out and may possibly be going crazy, but bring it on... I can handle you :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12 Days and Counting...

Last night I had on a off contractions, as well as this morning, but nothing sticking around. I may try walking today, but I am exhausted and extremely uncomfortable. I told Ryan this morning that maybe she wasn't going to come until Mommy and Daddy agreed on a name for her. He didn't seem to agree, but I am now certain this is the problem. I feel like I have tried everything else... Haha, as uncomfortable as it is though, I am in good spirits, happy and excited. Just anxious and ready to be done... Maybe on day 11 we will have some good news :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

13 Days To Go...

I have walked every morning and evening for three days. I have scoped out every street in my neighborhood so if you are looking for a house or car for sale I think I can help you out. I have cooked the most ridiculous spicy food and still no baby... But, I have not given up yet... I can feel the sporatic contractions getting stronger... Hopefully this means something will happen someday soon :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

14 Days To Go...

Dear Baby Girl Whom we have not agreed on a Name,

I am 38 weeks exactly today and I can hardly believe that you will be here soon. I can't tell you how amazing and hard this last couple of months have been, but I know everything was all worth it. There are so many things that I love about you already. I feel like I already know you. I love your 4-5 hiccup sessions each night. Although it feels like you are having convulsions it helps me to know you are still around. :) I love the feeling of your hands or feet gliding across my belly, almost as though you are reaching to me, or trying to kick me... Either way I am happy because I know it is you in there moving around. I love your baby room and can't wait to show it to you. I hope you like it. I think I probably go in there 10 times a day just to look at it, clean it for the millionth time because I am so excited. I love making you beanies and have so many outfits with matching beanies for you. Don't worry, when you make an entrance into this world you will have the best looking outfit there :) I love that when I talk about your arrival with your Daddy he becomes a new Ryan that I haven't seen before... I can't wait to see him with you... So soft, sweet and mellow and so excited and proud to be your Daddy. I know he is just as excited as I am and even though he doesn't get to feel you all day long, I can promise you that he knows you and loves you just the same.

As excited and happy as I am, I am so tired. I just can't lie. I know that I am going to miss being pregnant and having you in my tummy, but Baby Girl I need my body back and I need you to take over your own :) Mommy wants to be able to bend over and tie her shoes, not wake up with swollen ankles, and possibly make it through one day without heartburn. I know I will be up at night making sure you are happy, but I would rather do that because it will be doing something that I will love to do, instead of the potty breaks every hour that I am enjoying right now :) I want to be able to go running in our new jogging stroller, instead of feeling like a cow... I just can't wait any longer. I know it feels warm and safe in there, but I promise you I have a safe place for you here and that I will do my best to give you everything you need to make you happy, smart, and a beautiful young women that I know you can be. So... Please let Mommy leave this emotional roller coaster and waiting game and just come... Come home... I don't know if I can wait patiently anymore...

I Love You,

Your Mommy

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Momma's Check List...

Momma's Check List...

  1. Kitchen clean - Yes!
  2. Bathrooms clean - Yes!
  3. Baby Room Organized - Yes!
  4. Baby Here - NO :(
  5. Floors vacuumed and mopped - Yes!
  6. Chevy given lots of attention - Yes :)
  7. Ryan Daddy ready - Yes!
  8. Baby Here - No! :(
  9. Baby Bag packed - Yes!
  10. Diapers, wipes, baby supplies - Yes!
  11. Car seat ready - Yes!
  12. Baby Here - No!!! :(
  13. Chevy given even more attention - Yes!!! :)
  14. House Dusted - Yes!
  15. Mommy and Daddy's Bags packed - Yes!
  16. Baby Here??? - NOO!!! :(
  17. Camera charged and packed - Yes!
  18. Laundry complete - Yes!
  19. Food for Ryan - Yes!
  20. Baby Here?¿? - No!!! No!!! No!!! :(
  21. Baby shower planned - Yes :)
  22. Garden watered - Yes!
  23. Mommy and Daddy excited? - Yes!!!
  24. Baby Here?¿?¿ - Nooo!!!! :(

I just don't know if I can wait any longer...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Baby Room

I have been so excited about having a baby room. I have finally completed it. It is ready for the baby to come home. I have more things that I would like to add, but the clothes are washed and hung, the dresser is painted, the crib is ready and even the guest bed is ready. I have tried really hard to make this affordable and not spend too much. I repainted Ryan's old baby dresser, which resulted in us getting a new one. (I am so glad because we needed it desperately and the one I painted is adorable!) The curtains that are brown my Mother gave me. I had a down comforter from College that I reused with a new duvet cover. And... Instead of using the ugly worn closet doors, my Mother-in-law Kim came up with the idea of using curtains. It brightens up the room and is adorable! I have had a lot of help from my Parents with painting and purchasing the crib, Ryan's Mom and Melinda with painting the dresser, Melinda with taking pictures of my BIG belly and helping me get them in the frames and everyone pitching in here and there. And of course, my husband with hanging things, putting the crib together and more. I am so lucky and so grateful to everyone's help. Thank you all! I am excited to share this with you. I hope you enjoy! Now we just need to get the baby out of me and in there!!! :)

The Crib. The colors are Chocolate brown and pink.

The Guest Bed.

The Curtains on the Closet.

Ryan's old dresser and Belly Pictures.

The Hamper and Baby blanket made by my Grandma Barbara.

Close up of the one of the Belly pictures.

Close up of the other picture.

View of the entire room.

My Best Friend Heather...

A while back I had posted an entry about my Best Friend Heather. We happened to be pregnant at the same time. She had her baby finally, after being ten days over due! (Poor Girl!) and I thought I would let everyone know that she had a BOY. He is so cute. They named him Marshall Lewis Noles. I am so excited for her and so excited to be able to have children together that will be the same age. She is a great Mother and a wonderful example to me. I have learned so much from her and she is always willing to answer my questions and help me out. I love you Heather! Congratulations to the new addition to your family!

Marshall Lewis Noles

The Happy Family
(I stole these pictures from her)

Monday, July 6, 2009


I thought I would update everyone on the pregnancy. I am 38 weeks this week and still pregnant, ha ha. I am feeling more and more tired, HUGE, and ready to have this baby. I am SO excited as we get closer to be able to meet her, see what she looks like and hold her for the first time. This last couple of weeks have seemed SO long and I wish it would go by faster. The baby room is almost finished. I have a few more touches to make and then I will post pictures. As for me... I finally took some pictures of my bare belly for all to see. These will be the last pictures of me pregnant and for some reason, as eager as I am to get her out of me, I am kind of sad. I am so glad I took the time to do this because I know I won't with the next kids and this is such a special time. Melinda, Ryan's brothers fiance is great with photography and capturing special moments. She was kind enough to take the pictures for me and they are So cute. I am so grateful to Melinda and all her help with the baby room and pictures. She is great and has made this even more fun for me! Here are a few of them for your enjoyment. This is it folks! Hopefully the next couple posts are pictures of the baby room and my precious baby! Wish me luck! :)

Big Belly Ready To BURST! :)

This Took A LOT of Bribing - Thanks Babe!

My Very Favorite :)

It Looks Like A HUGE Basketball Ha Ha...

So Precious...

Well Baby Girl... We are ready for you. We may not have agreed on your name and we may still have plenty to do around the house, but we are ready. I can't wait to meet you...